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IT-consultant - Master degree level!

M.Sc.EE (DTU) - Sun J2EE certified - BEA Weblogic certified - worked as official IBM consultant / BEA consultant / 7N consultant / ProData consultant / SCR consultant ...
Contact: phone +45 41434340

CV in Danish : CV in English : CV in Norwegian :
Profile: Specializing in programming, configuration and integration - with intense focus on business value for the customer/project! Worked in many roles. Really try to be a nice guy and have understanding for other peoples situation. Small & large projects. Public & private sector. Strong pressure or not. Take personal responsibility. Trying to _be_ !

Details: born 1966-11-01, Danish citizenship, speciality is J2EE, math-physics student, educational background as M.Sc.EE, graduated 1995, will work abroad

Languages: Danish, English, German (needs refresh), French (needs refresh)

Keywords: high activity level - "hit-the-ground-running" - teamplay attitude "what can I do for you?" - integrity - sincerety - humbleness - calm, polite & professional

Specificly :
  • worked _with_ BEA for a decade - programming and tuning the server
  • worked _for_ BEA Systems as their consultant
  • _certified_ on BEA (together with other Sun J2EE certifications)
Worked in roles: J2EE developer, UML architect, AIX/Weblogic system operation supporter, technical tester, business case analyst, some Oracle DBA functions (create schema, indexes, verify explain plan, grant rights, update index statistics, monitor tablespace usage in Oracle system tables, migrate data between changing data models, etc.)

Worked in sectors: telecom, insurance, banks, finance, tax & duty, public sector citizen e-service, security system design

Certifications & education:
  • M.Sc.EE from DTU with speciality in Computer Science and mathmatics
  • Passed 310-051 (Sun J2EE Arkitekt, 1st test in series)
  • Sun Certified Developer for Java 2 Platform (310-252A, 310-027)
  • Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform (310-025)
  • BEA Certified Specialist: Server
Hands-on articles on privately hosted websites:,,,,

Historic record

  • 2010.06 to 2011.06 - 1.0 year: Next Ventures Ltd. consultant - Role: developer - Project: shipping e-commerce Assignments: create general release/sprint level user stories (As.. I need... So that..) with testable accept criterias within SCRUM/agile frames. Including technical programming of Weblogic Portal CMS, MQ-integration surveillance program, selenium testing. Worked with design for infrastructure integration of old webpages into new website (“framing” of old website) to create a natural transition for customers to new website. Including configuration of Apache redirects of URL's with regard to cookies. Technologies: Java, Eclipse, Apache 'redirect' modules, Javascript, Freemarker, Weblogic Portal CMS (EJB programming), Omniture webstatistics (SiteCatalyst, data warehouse extracts, surveys), XML, XSD, css, MQseries, JMS, Maven, Subversion, Hudson Continous Integration build & test, SCRUM/Agile principles (sprints, stories, effort estimation, commitment)
  • 2008.06 to 2010.04 - 1.7 year: SCR consultant - Role: technical tester - Project: public sector, electronic citizen service. Assignments: 1)Technical support to the projects external users (various banks) - troubleshooting on BEA WLS level. 2) Technical support to internal test team. 3) Oracle DB handling: create schemas, tables, move test data with SQL migration scripts, extract test data. 4) Perform test (Soap XML requests), analyzing logs. 5) Programming Java application with Swing GUI to extract production operation statistics. 6) Programming updates on log extraction tool. 7) JUnit test of JPA layer (Java Persistence API). 8) Programming JSP pages on Tomcat/Jetty to display test data. Technologies: Tinglysning (S2S and, J2EE, Webservices, OCES signature, UML. Tools: HP Quality Center, SoapUI Pro, Altova XML Spy, XML, XSD, DTD, Eclipse, Oracle, SQL-Plus, SQL Developer, BEA Weblogic, Tomcat, Jetty, JSP, JPA, JUnit
  • 2006.11 to 2008.06 (1 year, 7 months - continously) : ProData consultant - Role: J2EE designer and developer - Project: UML realization of usecases in appropriate webservice technology for Telecom client
    Architectural translation of usecases with business knowledge into J2EE application design - to outsourced subcontractor in India. Implemented parts which the subcontractor didn't handle. Analyzed data model. Technologies: UML, J2EE, Webservices, EJBQL, Soap, XML. Tools: Eclipse, IntelliJ, Enterprise Architect, Oracle, BEA Weblogic
  • 2006.09 : 7N consultant - Role: troubleshooter - Project: troubleshooting DB2e in transport sector company.
    Did a setup review on (handheld device synchronization) performance bottlenecks in DB2e environment. Delivered 13-page report (excl. appendix), locating problem, suggesting changes and additional studies. Tools: HP4700 PDA, WinCE, DB2e, Websphere, WAS, DB2, J2EE, Wintel
  • 2006.08 : 7N consultant - Role: middleware configurator - Project: WLI fixed-price job for Telecom client.
    Basicly a servicepack upgrade and a quick application service check of a BEA Weblogic/WLI/Suse Linux/Oracle installation. New drivers and reduction of overall memory footprint. Tools: BEA Weblogic WLI, BEA Workshop, Suse Linux, Oracle.
  • 2005.05 to 2006.07: 7N consultant - Role: architect team member - Project: infrastructure in insurance company.
    Serving in the IT-Architectural group. All-round assignments. Troubleshooting on propritary system bugs in production through reverse-engineering. Simplifying Weblogic/Websphere MQ integration architecture (replaced MQ with native BEA JMS and J2EE ETC/extended transaction client) - later worked hard on stability problem troubleshooting. Network infrastructure setup with followup on firewall openings. Testcases for verification of network setup. BlutCoat setup analysis (reading raw extract config). Log consolidation. Recovery analysis of crashed CVS. Technologies: J2EE, Weblogic, IBM MQseries, webservices, BlueCoat, Eclipse.
  • 2005.01 to 2005.08: BEA Systems Nordic consultant - Role: AIX/Linux/Weblogic system operations supporter - Project: support unit in bank/finance sector (Jyske Bank & Nykredit).
    "Hit-the-ground-running" allround-hand for 7 months on weblogic in AIX environment. Official BEA Systems consultant at JN-Data (operation support site for bank/finance: Jyske Bank & Nykredit). Management and troubleshooting (when WLS drops dead, applications don't run/communicate correctly, resolving configuration and performance issues,..). Handling initial response to alarms from surveillance regarding production problems (BEA server & portal). Resolving problems on-the-spot and/or analyze problems sufficiently for other people to take ownership of problems. Assisting when applying program changes to production. Technologies: J2EE, AIX, Weblogic 8.1, shell scripting, Java test programs,... whatever it takes to keep production flying and developers happy in their test-environment.
  • 2000.03 to 2004.12: BULL consultant - Role: J2EE developer and BEA Weblogic supporter - Project: electronic registration of import/export for Danish Duty & Tax
    Specializing on security issues and Weblogic 4.5/5.1/7.1/8.1. Working in the developer department and equally assisting the inhouse AIX operation support unit. Various projects to handle electronically all trade between an EU member state and non-EU countries (import & export system). Troubleshooting problems relating to application/middleware: segment-faults, connection-loss, memory-leaks, single-point-of-failures, performance-issues (security related or not), stress-testing... Technologies: Weblogic, SSO, Security provider, passticket generator, session-id manager, JAAS, AIX, J2EE, Eclipse (from very first versions), Ant, fat client applet, servlet, Sun plugin, Webstart, Muffins, LDAP, Pearl, EJB 2.0 / 1.1, XDoclet, Domain model, Middlegen, Velocity, UML, design patterns, Ant, Sybase, RMI, Unit tests...
  • 2000.02: IBM consultant - Role: J2EE developer and tester - Project: Copenhagen Fur Center auction house
    Bodyshopped on-location developer in a team of 10-15. Implementing print solution. Technologies: 3/9 barcode, J2ee, VisualAge for Java
  • 1999.12: IBM consultant - Role: J2EE developer - Project: Østergård/Danish auto spareparts
    Website functionality maintenance. Techologies: servlets, SQL, DB/2, VisualAge for Java
  • 1998.02 to 1998.11: IBM consultant - Nordea
    Bodyshopped on-location developer through continously 9 months.Teknologies: C++/Java, JNI, Visual Sourcesafe, Websphere, Network dispatcher, servlet, webserver load distribution, round-robin,..
  • 1997.10: IBM consultant - Role: C++ developer - Project: Medi-care timeslot allocation application
    Health-care timeplanning program for medical staff. In a team of 5, my part was the graphical diagram presentation.Technologies: C++, OS/2 PM, Gantt-diagram print module (color) with pre-view option.
  • 1997.05: IBM consultant - Role: CGI developer - Project: Public sector "Erhvervs & selskabsstyrelsen"
    Bodyshopped developer building (early-days) CGI web-site for on-line ordering of company information. Teknologies: CGI, REXX, JavaScript, HTML 3.2, sendmail
  • 1997.04: IBM consultant - Role: J2EE developer - Project: BG Bank website applet
    Teknologies: JDK 1.1, Applet, HTML
  • 1997.01: IBM consultant - Role: C++ developer - Project: "Danske Bank" dial-up home-banking solution
    Developer on a 3-4 person team. Update of existing homebanking application. Use-case driven business-logic changes - for the largest bank in Denmark ("Danske bank").Teknologies: C++, "GUI-Master" cross-platform class library, OS/2
  • 1995.09: graduated with M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering (EE) from DTU. Main focus on computer science and mathematics
  • 1986-91: programming intensively in C/C++/assembler on the i80x86 platform assembly, A86, interrupt 2/3/13/21, NMI, remote debugging, Turbo debugger, Periscope debugger, SoftIce, rs232, BIOS, device drivers programming (RAMDISK), TSR, FAT sector layout, hardware/software breakpoints, knew op-codes by heart. TurboC++, WatcomC++, GNU-C++, DJGPP, MASM, TASM, cross-pattform GUI libraries. MS-DOS Encyclopedia, Peter Norten assembler programming book, Stoustrup C++, undocumented 16-bit interrrupts in Win95,...

Skills profile

JavaEE (J2EE) 13 High (now)I _am_
Unix shellscript 8 Average (now) grep,awk,sed,cut,.. for AIX support
JavaScript 12 Average (now)Used in jsp and web presentation GUI libraries
SQL & PL/SQL 12 Average (now) Familiar with Oracle..
EJB 2.0 5 High 2008Danish tax&customs+financial sector
Servlets 6 High 2008Since early at IBM
Applet/Webstart 5 High 2008Danish tax&revenue, fat client
JMS 2 High 2008Weblogic JMS, MQ JMS, WLI JMS...
JDBC 5 Average (now)Used in BEA Weblogic configuration
JSP 2 Low (now)Applied during BEA certification trail
JNI 1 Average 1999For IBM, financial sector project
RMI 4 Average 2007Applied during SCJD certification
HTML 4.0 10 Average (now)Used everywhere...
XML 4 Average (now)Used beyond what I remember..
SAX/DOM 2 Average 2009While 7N consultant, for XML handling
Eclipse 5 High (now)Since 2002, following VAJ
IntelliJ 2 Average 2008From 2007
(VAJ)VisualAgeJava 3 High 2002For IBM, team/enterprise edition
Log4J 5 High 2008Almost all projects
Maven 1 Average (now)While 7N consultant, financial sector
Ant 4 High (now)Almost all projects
Enterprise Architect 2 Average (now)Case tool
Designpatterns 5 Average 2008Applied during SCEA certification, and my site
UML 4 Average 2008Applied during SCEA certification, and my site
JUnit 3 Average 20083 projects
Middlegen (Velocity) 1 Average 2004OO mapping for Danish tax&revenue
Xdoclet 2 Average 2004EJB config for Danish tax&revenue
CVS 2 Average 2008While 7N consultant
MSVC 4 Average 2004Source repository, Danish tax&revenue
Subversion 1 Average (now)Subversion
Struts 2 Average 2006Check out
Spring 1 Average 2008Check out
Hibernate 4 Average 2008Check out
TOAD 4 Average (now)Used to inspect database, PL/SQL
SQL Developer 4 Average (now)Used to inspect database, PL/SQL
SoapUI Pro 3 Average (now)Webservice test
AIX 4.3.3/5.2 (Unix) 5 High 2005My preferred platform!
Linux 3 Average 2009Stable! Used for hosting my 30+ sites
Microsoft Windows 10+ Average (now)Used in all projects so far
BEA Weblogic 4.51, 5.1, 7.1, 8.1, 9.1 6 High (now)Certified on BEA server. Worked for BEA Systems as their consultant.
Tomcat 3 Average 2008Running private 20+ sites/virtual hosts
Jetty 3 Average (now)Used during development
Apache 4 Average (now)Container for webserver static contents
Websphere 1 Low 2007Applied while working for IBM as their consultant in Nordea Bank
MQseries 5.2.1/5.3/6.0 1 Average 2005While 7N consultant, financial sector
SunOne/IPlanet 1 Average 2005While BEA consultant, support unit
LDAP 3 Average 2004On project for Danish tax&revenue
JAAS 4 High 2008Project for Danish tax&revenue + later
Weblogic security provider 5 High 2004Project for Danish tax&revenue
Bluecoat 2 Average 20067N consultant, load-distributer use
SSL 4 Average (now)Did server certificate setup/codesigning
NAT 4 Average 2006Routing my 20+ websites
DNS 4 Low 2006Setting up DNS for my 20+ websites
Firewall 2 Low 2006Routing my 20+ websites
OS/2 3 1999IBM consultant, developed heavily on the platform
C++/C 8 1998 WatcomC++/TurboC++/VisualAgeC++
Perl 3 2004Used to manipulate log contents (filter)
M68k assembler 1 1989University: hardware-near programming
Pascal 5 1992University: algorithm & data structures
Fortran 3 1990University: mathematical calculations
ADA 1 1990University: parallel programming algo.
Lisp 1 1989University: functional specifications
Modula-2 5 1990University: modular programming
Z80 Basic 3 1984Starter language: math programs
i80x86 assembler 4 Ex-Elite 1989Remote debugging, Periscope, Softice, TASM, MASM
Sun J2EE Arkitekt 310-051 2004Passed 1st test, 2nd pending...
SCJD (310-252A, 310-027) 2004Sun Certified Developer for Java 2 Platform
SCJP (310-025) 2003Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform
BEA-CSS 2003BEA Certified Specialist: Server
Fundamentals of J2EE Web application Development Using BEA 2003BEA course
Developing enterprise applications with BEA WebLogic server EJB and JMS 2003BEA course
IBM: Presentation techniques 1997IBM course
IBM: DB2 & SQL Basics 1997IBM course
IBM: OTU 1 (Java) 1997IBM course


M.Sc.EE diploma

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OTU1 Java, 1997

OTU1 Java, 1998

DB2, SQL basic

Presentation tech.

BEA J2EE 2003



Java Programmer

Java Developer